We're replacing a calendar-based approach with a new model designed to drive real business results by tailoring social media content to meet their target audience's Mindset in the MomentTM at each stage of the purchase funnel. It's a new content planning and media buying  model custom-tailored to reach your customers at the specific stages of purchase funnel and drive conversion.  

Brands who engage Ignite Social Media as their social advertising agency see an average increase of 35-45% efficiency on their paid social ad budgets.

How it works

We develop social-first content, tailor messaging and targeting to each stage of your customer funnel, and constantly optimize your social ads to ensure your social media content is delivering measurable conversions.
  • Pilot programs start at $50,000 for 90-days
  • Including all agency fees AND your paid media spend
  • Get up and running in less than 3 weeks 


Lifestyle brand


Despite 50% less social media ad spend, a lifestyle brand saw 29% increase in conversions from social media ads vs. the prior year when they followed a more traditional paid social strategy. 



Healthcare Brand


Our unique approach for a healthcare brand led to more than $185K in savings while generating 23% more impressions and 142% more referring clicks than projected based on historical benchmarks. 



Fashion Retailer


For a fashion retailer, our unique approach to social ad buying led to a 51% increase in impressions, 33% more engagements, and a 76% increase in online revenue